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Feb 25th - 5sos Manchester
Feb 27th - 5sos Norwich
Apr 4th - 5sos Madrid
May 23rd - The Vamps
June 13th - Bangerz tour
July 8th - WWAT & 5SOS
July 25th - Mike Dignam London
October 25th - CCME Madrid (The Vamps, Union J)
November 8th - Lady Gaga
November 24th - Ed Sherran June 5th - 5sos Brimingham June 13th - 5sos London



howaboutvamps asked: Hello linda! Hotdog o hamburgesa? ((:

can’t decided omg x

5sos ship: michael
the vamps ship: james
song on shuffle: live while we’re young - 1d

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Anonymous asked: How and where did 5sos see you drunk and then hung over plz share Im quite intersted lol

when i met them the first time in madrid x

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hotlikeluke asked: If you could see 5 bands or artists on tour together, who would you pick?:)

i’m gonna put 5, i ‘ve never seen or not planned to go seeing this year, so i would love to see emblem3, all time low, the script, little mix and demi lovato!

5sos ship: luke

the vamps ship: connor

song on suffle: where did the party go - fall out boy


voguetris asked: Have ever had any embarrassing celebrity encounters? x

define embarrassing? idk 5sos saw me drunk and dacing but i felt more embarrassed when they saw me with the hangover the next day. 

5sos ship: michael

the vamps ship: james

song on suffle: all of the stars - ed sheeran


lmaomcvey asked: HI RAISA HOW WAS YOUR DAY TODAY? (^∇^)

EXHAUSTING! was supposed to be my free day and i spend it all working bc my teacher is an asshole and give us work from monday to wednesday

5sos ship: michael (i swear i didnt look at your icon omg)

the vamps ship: james

song on suffle: american idiot - 5sos cover


bradlesimpson asked: what's your favorite holiday? thanks :) x

THIS YEARS because i went to london, i went to a mike dignam concert and i met him again and i met kingsland road in a social and bought a lots of clothes, so yes definitely this year’s. 

5sos ship: luke

the vamps ship: brad

song on suffle: i almost do - taylor swift


Want some lemonade x
ohana-means-pattyxwalters asked: How did you find the vamps and 5sos:)x


the vamps was randomly because i had a like on a Emblem3 Spain page on facebook around 2012. And suddenly changed to a The Vamps Spain page and i was like wtf who are they? and BAM. 

i knew 5sos since they were opening for 1D but i didn’t give them a chance, i was always wanting to listen to them but i was postponing it. And when my dash started to appear 5sos around summer 2013 i listened to them :-)

ships: you don’t have a face page or i cant find it :/

song on suffle: centuries - fall out boy


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